Alex Wright

Head of the American SDS


A rather young occultist by the name of Alex Wright, runs the American Chapter of the SDS. He is of course the temporary leader as the elders expect the return of Aiden Graves in the future. Alex Wright is a childhood friend of Aiden’s and they grew up together learning the occult arts and psychic abilities. Wrights personal strength is pyrokinesis. A strength that Aiden hadn’t learn to perfect until working with Alex over in London. After the war the elders decided that a first american team needed to be organized as soon as possible, as other worldly creatures were becoming more and more prominent. Alex wright was asked to be the head until Aiden returned, a job which was originally bestowed upon Aidens father. Alex is a Dapper young man who is a bit naive and a little egotistical, however he takes his work very seriously.


Alex Wright

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