Augustine Caesar St. Germaine

"Haven't you heard...?"


A slim man appearing to be in his late twenties, Augustine dresses flamboyantly and with the deepest regard to whatever styles are presently in vogue. The only unchanging part of his usual ensemble is the presence of an ascot – an affectation St. Germaine has carried with him for years.

He keeps his red-brown hair short, his goatee and mustache razor-trimmed, and his teeth a pearly white. Augustine is rarely without a saber at his side (an affectation of the nobility a century ago) and never without a pistol secreted in his clothing. Augustine also never travels without his boon companions – the silent and powerfully muscled Jean and the seductive Sabethe – close behind him.

Under his fashionable clothes, Augustine is a mess of scars – from bullet wounds to claw marks to burns to what looks like an attempted vivisection – and takes these healed wounds as further provenance of his unkillable nature.


Augustine Caesar St. Germaine

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