Special Detective Society: America Chapter

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The Town of Longview, VA
Where the world goes silent

Our detectives first meet, at the table of the SDS American chapter. At the head, Alex Wright introduces himself and continues to give a brief history of the Organization that they all have been employed into. After a fairly lengthy introduction, he tells the team that they are going to Longview Virginia, where a town has gone mysteriously silent. The team agrees and heads to Longview, getting to know each other along the way. Once they reach Longview their carriage driver makes a quick exit and the team begins to investigate.

They make their way to the tavern, which seems to be fairly large in size. Outside they hear nothing but silence, and a quiet wind howling over the almost dusty town. They make the decision to enter the tavern and immediately following the doors opening, there is the noise of a normal tavern. The sounds from the pianist playfully plucking at the keys, women dressed in fine gowns serving drinks, and a packed venue, all appropriate noises following. They make their way in order some drinking and have a seat at their table. Savannah Dubois, a young aspiring Occultist from New Orleans picks up the distinct feeling of the cursed dead in this building. She deduces that it is a very strong order of vampires who has taken the town hostage. Unfortunately they had not noticed an older gentleman at the table they chose to sit at who overhears everything. A minor mistake made by the new team that will hopefully be learned for next time. Unfortunately while talking to the team the hot headed soldier Theodore Graham, reacts rather abruptly to the term Yankee, used in his favor.

Teddy shoots the gentleman in the face fairly abruptly, which results in the mans face being blown away, however, he cracks his neck and returns to the table, almost as if it didn’t even hurt. After the moment, the music stops. and the crowd goes silent turning towards the staircase in the back of the Saloon. A man emerges at the top of the stairs, long black hair, pale white face, and extravagant red robes. He descends the staircase and the noise of the room returns to normal. HE then approaches our team and introduces himself as Lucah Menteure. It is fairly obvious that he is the man in charge here and continues to speak to the group. Along with the help of Foley, Savannah looks around and notices a crawlspace door with a lock, in addition a key attached to Lucah. They both retrieve the key without him noticing. Directly after the retrieval a howl can be heard just outside of the Saloon. With that Scott Currington, a junior team 3 member from London, and our soldier Teddy, fling a table at Lucah and they all flee for the crawlspace.

Making it safely down the stairs on the other side of the door, they enter a room filled with coffins and a glass heart filled with red at the edge of the room. Obviously this is the power source, however it was protected by a ward.

Suddenly the coffins began to open and bodies began to emerge from them. unfortunately it was too late for these beings but thinking quickly, teddy and Scott Grabbed a newly emerged body and used it to get through the ward. This was of course successful and Scott grabbed the glass heart. quickly however he felt his heart began to beat differently, almost as if it were changing his heart be to match the glass heart. noticing the change, Savannah broke the ward and uppercut the glass heart from Scott’s hand and Teddy gave a quick shoot with his pistol. The heart was then destroyed and the zombies fell. Silence was now everywhere as they went up the stairs to the main room again. Despite destroying the heart the room was now empty and quiet. They then decide to make their way to the second level.

On the second floor however, things start to blur, rooms open to random scenes, random items, A book is found and it all goes black.

The team was recovered after a note was received by Scott from a young boy in the street before they entered the saloon was filled with faulty information. Once Wright realized the information was wrong a rescue team was sent out to save the senior team. However, other than being unconscious in the form of a circle they were not in any peril as the town, for all intensive purposes was back to semi normal. Most families were upset and trying to make sense of the past several weeks. The team was revived, except for Foley and will return to work immediately. Due to the shortage of members however, Wright has brought on a new person, who he will introduce on Thursday. The team now prepares for the new mission next week as the book undergoes study by the vault keeper and the librarian.


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