Welcome to The Special Detective Society: American Chapter.

My name is Alex Wright, and for all intensive purposes I am the head of the American Chapter of the Special Detectives Society, Otherwise known as the SDS. I have assembled an amazing senior team of detectives for the american chapter. Up until this point we have only be a organization of several inexperienced junior teams and a group of elders who oversaw the entire operation

We have now gained the funds (thanks to the war ending) to fund a full fledged team. I have called upon members who are courageous, smart, quick thinking and have a bit of …flare for these types of missions. So fare we have gone on one mission and despite the team members feeling a little under the weather it was overall, successful. The town of Longview has returned to normal and a book was obtained for the vault. Jareth, the vault keeper and our librarian are doing research on it as you read this. We will update the files as needed for new items as they arrive. Happy trails.
– Alex Wright
SDS American Chapter Head

Special Detective Society: America Chapter

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